Motions Archives

Soon all the motions made at CSLA and CMLEA Executive Board meetings from 1977 to the present will be searchable on this page. The database is currently under construction. As soon as it is published, CSLA members will be notified.

There are four types of motions:

  • Basic Motions – routine business such as approving minutes and budgets, appointing committee chairs, initiating projects, approving award recipients, etc.
  • Standing Rules – rules which remain in effect for a definite or indefinite period of time such as mileage reimbursement rates, conference committee and conference presenter registration rates, etc. Standing rules may be changed by subsequent Board action.
  • Resolutions – statements of positions or commendations in the standard “Whereas…Therefore be it resolved” format.
  • By-Laws Revisions – changes to the language of the association by-laws; these require prior notification of the membership and a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.

This database will be searchable by subject, keyword, date and motion makers.