Our History

HIstoricLogosToday’s California School Library Association descends from predecessor organizations. Originally founded in 1915 as the California School Library Association, CSLA changed its names over the decades. In 1946, audio visual educators organized statewide as the Audio Visual Educators Association of California. AVEAC also changed its name.

Many members of the library and audio visual associations held dual memberships and attended each others’ conferences. In 1971, they began holding joint conferences, which they eventually named MECCA (Media Educators Conference of California). In 1977, the two associations consolidated and incorporated as the California Media and Library Educators Association. In 1995, CMLEA returned to its original name, the California School Library Association. CSLA continues to operate under the articles of incorporation and by-laws adopted in 1977.

In February, 2016, a new book will be published that chronicles the rich history of these associations and the professions they represented. For more information about the book and how you can contribute to it, visit here.

1915 CSLA
California School Library Association
1934 SLAC
School Library Association of California
1946 AVEAC
Audio Visual Educators Association of California
1963 CASL
California Association of School Librarians
California Association for Educational Media and Technology
1977 CMLEA
California Media and Library Educators Association
1995 CSLA
California School Library Association
2015 Centennial Celebration!